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So, you made it to the “Services” page. Maybe you’re just passing through or maybe you want to see what I offer, and how I can help you.

I’m thinking that it’s the second one.

And since that’s the case, let me show you around a bit.

The travel, leisure and tourism industry, as you know, covers so many things that it’d be crazy to stand here and list them all off.

So let me touch on just a few of them, so you know that I understand some of the issues you face and how I can help you to overcome them.


Your hotel. Your bricks and mortar. Ice, wood or skin covered bamboo latticework.

There are many types of lodgings. Be it a Downton Abbey country estate. An Ice Palace that’s rebuilt every year. A turkish tree-house. A Mongolian yurt.

No matter how big or small your accommodation is, you all have one thing in common – the need for customers.

And what better way to drive customers to your hotel than with an exceptional website and enticing copy that converts onlookers into bookers.

Let me help you reinvigorate you website copy to maximise clicks.


Ah, the tourist attractions. The sightseeing. The bread and butter of any touristic city. This is undoubtedly what “brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard” not the milkshake.

Ask people about their bucket list and I’ll guarantee that you’ll find at least one or two iconic landmarks.

But it’s not just historical sites that tourists come to see.

Check the list of the worlds most visited tourist attractions and you’ll see that theme parks have a worldwide appeal.

Let me help you stand out from stand out.


Everyone loves to be pampered, some more so than others. Galvanic baths, hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy, hot stone massage.

I mean, what’s not to love!

If it’s a health spa resort or a spa boutique we’ll identify and highlight your benefits and share them with your audience.

Let me help you and together we will spread the word about your business.


Now, although museums come under attraction, per se, your business may exclusively produce things for them, for their gift shops.

That means business-to-business copy.

And you’re going to want them to take action and purchase what you got to offer.

Let me help you with that.


You see that over there? That “i”? That’s the internationally recognised symbol for information.

The visitor centre or tourist information centre, is in many cases the first port of call for travellers, and as such need copy that is visually dynamic and still able to communicate a clear and understandable message.

Let me help you do that.


Most people think that hotels alone belong to the hospitality industry.

That is not the case.

Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host. It focuses on customer satisfaction.

Therefore many forms of transportation that cater to tourists are also part of this business world. This niche includes airlines, cruise ships and even fancier trains.

Restaurants, general tourism and event planning also belong to this niche.

This is a massive domain where innovation and novelty are crucial for success. There’s a big hospitality pie out there. Let my copy help you get a slice.


Imagine you had never booked a holiday before. In this packed and competitive field how do you make your choice?

Do you go with the one that’s cheapest or the one that offers you the most unique experiences?

That’s why it pays to know your audience. If you know everything about your customer, then bringing them in with your USP is a breeze, and so is raising your business above the fodder.

Travel is escapism

Escapism is adventure

Adventure is experience

Experience is story

Let me tell a story with my copy that taps into the emotions and drives your customers to action.



So, you’ve seen that I understand the vastness and competitiveness of this field. Now you have to decide what it is that you need me to help you with:







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